I don’t know many things, but one thing I do know would be pets.

Can I answer every question there is on them? No. But I know what’s worked for me and that pets require a ‘feeling’ of what’s up with them rather than say general ‘knowledge’. So you could label me in the ‘whisperer’ category I suppose. Not that I claim to be one, but I do try to take my cues from what pets are trying to tell us.

I’m currently bottle feeding kittens whose mother sadly met her end under the wheel of a car trailer. It’s been touch and go with the tiny kittens only a few days old. I have a huge complaint with kitten nursing bottle makers. What is with those nipples on those things? They are tough as tires! Tiny little kitten mouths are not strong enough to bear down on those nipples and nurse. Which sends orphan nursemaids such as myself into fits of desperation trying to make the perfect holes in the tip of the nipples. Too large is going to quite literally drown the starving kittens. Too small and hands will ache in the attempt to help weak kittens (starved from waiting on the milk to finally come out of the bottle!) and hungry weak kittens from lack of nourishment.

I finally managed the near perfect hole. I can only hope that the kittens are not too weak to make it. Yet the sheer bliss brought on by tiny few day old kittens with newly filled bellies that actually purr in your hand thanking God and you to finally be fed and are completely happy. That’s priceless and makes the nipple fight suddenly worth it. 😀