It finally hit me. I need to have a homeschooling blog. One that my kids can use and learn blogs on and do double duty on writing, spelling, typing and using the internet. LOL that’s more like double double duty, but hey, We’ll see if this works! So this is the first post to get ready for a new year in homeschooling.

This year I’ll  be teaching my middle child to read. I see this as a challenge since he has middle child syndrome and is difficult to get him to pay attention to anything but himself lol Hopefully he’ll become more interested in learning (he loves to please) than he has been.

I’m also debating on inviting other homeschooling families to post on the homeschooling blog as well. I will think on this before making a decision later on.

My oldest is having trouble in math. It’s not that he can’t do it, it’s that he simply doesn’t want to learn and remember his multiplications. It’s been frustrating for both of us. I am determined that we will find common ground on which he can accomplish this without feeling the dread of times tables. I remember having that myself. It can honestly make your brain hurt. lol

My youngest is not quite ready for actual ‘school’ yet she absorbs letters and spelling words like a sponge. I’m not going to hold her back with it, but rather allow her to learn whatever she’s propelled to learn on her own, with guidance.  She already knows her alphabet, the sounds they make and can write and spell approx. 5 or more words plus her own name. Which is more than her older brother can do at this point.

This is the sticking point for the older brother. He gets upset that her learning skills are faster. I’ve tried encouraging them to not compete (which is his problem – he wants to be the best at everything and second fiddle does not set well with him) with each other, but it’s slow in progress. I hope maturity will intervene at some very near point.

That’s it for my rambling today. I may at a later date transfer (and neaten) this post to a blog dedicated to homeschooling, but that may be awhile.